The Legacy Ring

Signet or crest rings have been around for years. The history of the crest ring dates back to the 1800’s when the wearing of a legacy ring engraved with a family crest was worn to indicate which family line you represent, or which king’s authority you had access to, and for whom you can enter into a covenant. Our studio has recently been privileged to design some of the most incredible crest rings. This has proved to be one of the most effective ways to design people's stories and we are loving it.


1. Ring size 

It's very important that we have the correct ring size. You can measure it at your closest jewellery store or in our Miinella Studio.

2. Shape

There are different elements to consider when designing the legacy ring, the first is to define the shape. Our most popular shape is oval, but some other options you can consider are round, square, rectangular, triangular or any other customised shape.

3. Metal Choice

The next thing to consider is your metal choice. The most frequently used metal is 9ct gold as it is the hardest and most durable. It could be made in yellow, white or rose gold to make quite the statement. Sterling silver is another option for crest rings, however it is prone to scratch more easily than gold as it is a softer metal.

4. Crest, Symbols and its meaning

Now for the fun part!
Designing your own legacy ring consists of finding symbols and meanings of what you would want to represent with your crest. We have compiled a list of commonly used symbols and their meanings that can be used to design your crest. The great thing about this process is that YOU get to tell us what you want the ring to symbolise and we collaborate in creating your very own unique crest ring... How cool is that?!

5. 3D Design

Once we have designed your legacy ring on paper, the ring is then 3D designed with the help of CAD (Computer Aided Drawing) which gives you a realistic view of what your ring would look like.If you approve of this design it is then sent through to production. 

6. Production

When starting production, your 3D design is printed in wax and then casted in your precious metal of choice.Once this has been done your ring is polished and finished and on it's way to you.

Make you mark.

Leave your legacy.



- What is the estimated cost of a crest ring?

In general, prices for a crest ring in sterling silver can vary between R5000-R8000 depending on shape, size and design.

When made in 9ct gold, costs usually vary between R10 000 - R17 000, just depending on the size, design and amount of metal used.

- Do I have to pay extra for the design?

If you have an existing design or something simple in mind we can work it into the quote. If it is a more complex design an extra fee of R250/hour will be charged.

- How long does it take to make a crest ring?

Production usually takes 3-6 weeks to complete the product.










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