About Miinella Jewellery

Miinella Jewellery is a company devoted to designing luxury, customised jewellery where people’s story are at the heart of every design. We come alongside our clients, design with them and create lasting pieces, relationships and beautiful stories. We work with a professional team of CAD designers and manufacturers to make your dream jewellery come to life!


About Jacomien Minnaar our Founder and Head Designer

From an early age, my hands were always busy with small, creative projects. My favourite gift as an 8-year old was a jewellery making kit my mom brought me from London. I studied a BA Degree Jewellery Design as well as a Masters Degree in Visual Arts at Stellenbosch University. Thereafter I was invested in the education of Jewellery and Gemstones for about 10 years. It was only after a year’s Creative internship in California that I came home and felt it was time to launch my dream business. I’ve always been passionate about beautiful stories and testimonies, good design, gemstones, precious metals and using it as a medium to connect with people. I knew that owning my own business would give me the platform and freedom to use it for this purpose. So that is what I did -  I started to showcase the beauty in each person or couple through jewellery stories. This was the launch of Miinella and here are the first two stories: