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Blossoms and Dewdrops




Marius and Talja were definitely one of our favourite couples to work with. Their relationship is based on their love for Jesus, and they inspire those around them to be faithful and to always listen when God is speaking.

When they met, Talja was not at all interested in any relationship as she was healing from past difficulties. She was taking a break from her love life, but Facebook and the Lord had other ideas. Photos of Marius kept popping up on her Facebook feed and when he sent her a second message she hesitantly replied. He invited her to a worship evening and after much reluctance she gave in and went with him, but only because a friend of hers was there too. When she met Marius at the worship night something unexpected happened. A great feeling of being ‘home’ washed over her. The feeling was the same that she experienced when spending time with the Lord, talking to Him, and sharing her most intimate thoughts with Him. She felt a sense of familiarity with Marius like he was there next to her when she sat on her bed, talking with the Lord.

She realised that something big was happening, but still, she was afraid to open her heart to him because of being hurt in the past. The next Sunday Talja got ready for another night of worship, where they ended up at a completely different church. When she got there Marius was there too and they spent time talking and getting to know each other. Everyone around them could see that something unique was happening between them and a friendship soon formed.

Talja asked the Lord to confirm that their friendship and relationship is in His will, and the Lord answered on three different occasions in very specific and profound ways. We were so honoured to be a part of this story, and so privileged to design her engagement ring and both of their wedding bands. We hope that we get to spend more time with this inspiring couple throughout the years and continue to design their stories and those of their children to come.


When we were talking to Talja about the design for her ring, we felt love and life emanating from her. Her name itself means dewdrop; she speaks life wherever she goes and surely blossoms are bound to follow. The design of her ring is rich with symbolism and all our hearts went into designing it. While we were designing her ring, the Lord showed Marius the number 9 as well as the fruit of the Spirit. When we researched this, we surprisingly saw that there are 9 Fruits of the Spirit and 9 Gifts of the Spirit.

The centre diamond of her 9ct yellow gold engagement ring symbolises unity, creation, and the beginning. The halo, consisting of 8 small diamonds, is in line with a new beginning, resurrection, and being born again. On each side of the ring, there are 3 leaves, and each bunch of leaves has 9 diamonds in representing the 9 fruits of the spirit and divine completeness.

The number 9: According to biblical numerology, 9 is a symbol of finality and divine completeness. In the book of Acts, the "ninth hour" is twice associated with prayer. In summary, the number 9 represents several aspects that encompassed our day-to-day lives as believers, including the fruits and gifts of the Spirit, prayer, and intercession and it also signifies completeness.
The number 8: This is a very significant number that is used 73 times in the Bible. It is the symbol of Resurrection and in biblical numerology, 8 means a new beginning; it denotes "a new order or creation, and man's true 'born again' event when he is resurrected from the dead into eternal life."
Butterfly: Christian tradition views the butterfly as a symbol of the resurrection
The number 1:
The center of her engagement ring contains the bigger diamond.
The number 1 represents a unit. It symbolizes the beginning as well as the creation. Thus, the single diamond is surrounded by 8 diamonds which signifies being born again.

Well, we hope you've been able to keep up until this point! But here comes the golden thread that ties this beautiful design together.

When they were almost finished with the design, while Marius and Jacomien, our designer, were designing with the Lord, she asked the LORD to confirm this ring design. She felt the Holy Spirit asking her to count all the diamonds on Talja's engagement ring design which is divided into 3 parts (3 is also a big symbolic representation of the trinity.)
And so, she did; 9+9+9 = 27.

Marius was astounded. It is not only the day they committed to each other as a couple (27th November 2020) but they met on the 27th of August 2017 too. This was the big bow tied around the magnificent journey of designing Talja's engagement ring. The Lord was faithful in guiding us with the exact specifications of her engagement ring. Jesus is the center of their relationship, and it was beautiful that He was at the center of Talja's engagement ring too.


The Lord gave Talja a vision of Marius and we used that as the design for his wedding ring.

When Talja was trusting the Lord to send her the right man, she prayed for a warrior-like husband. Significantly enough, all Marius' names mean warrior or warrior-like.

The outside of Marius' ring is designed to look warrior-like with the stripes representing battle scars. This type of metal is called Damascus steel which is the process of having different metals forged together through hammering and beating to provide it with the pattern on the ring.
In the vision, Marius was wearing a long cloak/coat that was completely black on the outside with a warrior-like look to it. The black on the outside of his ring symbolises the coat he was wearing in the vision. As the vision continued, Talja saw the wind blow open his coat, and the inside of his cloak was solid gold. Gold is a symbol of being purified and refined through fire and represents Marius as a man of God, a warrior for Christ, who has been forged through fire and refined into the image of Jesus.
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Everything we make and sell has its roots in skilled design and craftsmanship. Marius and Talja's rings began with hand-drawn sketches that were skillfully conceptualised. Our hand-drawn sketches were then transformed into 3D equivalents through our trusted CAD designer for a more realistic visual depiction. Their designs were then slowly brought to life by creating 3D replicas of the conceptualised designs using a 3D wax printer. These 3D wax models are merely prototypes that are then mounted on a wax tree to be prepared for the next design stage, which is casting. To read all about our design process, simply click the link below.




We design your story through personalised luxury jewellery. We offer in person and virtual consultations to design your story.

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We design your story through personalised luxury jewellery. 

We offer in person and virtual consultations to design your story.

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