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Jewellery Image Styling

What jewellery suits me best? 

At Miinella we love to help you look and feel at your very best! Many of you might have a natural feel for what jewellery suits you well while others might need a little bit of Miinella help (like I did!). We have compiled 'The Ultimate Jewellery Styling Guide' just for you. It’s jam-packed with tips & tricks we know that you will love! We’ll be covering topics like what metal colour, gemstones, and pearls suit your skin tone, what earrings shapes suits your face shape, and jewellery that suit the outfits that you wear. We even have some special tips for the men on how to balance out your watch and rings.


3 Main areas of Jewellery Image Styling: 

1. Body shape (body shape, face shape, neck length, finger shapes etc.)
2. Colour (mainly skin tone, but also hair colour)
3. Your Personality


The Jewellery Image Styling Ebook includes:

- Best Metal Choices for my skin tone
- Best Gemstones & Pearls for my skin tone
- Suitable earrings for my face shape
- Ring shapes to suit my Fingers
- Necklaces that suit my outfits
- Men: balancing my rings and watch accessories

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