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The Harvest Collection by Simoné Pretorius


This gorgeous collection of jewellery was inspired by a heart after God's Great Harvest. The intricate detail of each design behind this collection was carefully crafted by drawing inspiration after Simoné Pretorius' (neé Nortmann's) own unique style and flair.
We used the symbolism behind the harvest to create a beautifully designed yet affordable jewellery range that shares a message that will reach into the hearts of our customers. It will awaken within them a call to be partakers of the Lord's end-time harvest of souls where our hearts proclaim along with the Heavenly hosts, "those lost have been found, and the prodigals have come home."
*In order to maintain the quality of our jewellery, we do not keep all of our items in stock.
Much of our jewellery is made to order, therefore all our Jewellery has a lead time of 7 - 14 working days*