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How to measure your ring size

The most accurate way is to get your ring size measured at your closest jewellery store. In this way you know that you have an expert on your side to make sure your ring fits perfectly the first time round. Since we realise this is not always possible, we have compiled the best alternative ways of measuring your ring size from home. 


Home sizing

If you are not able to get a ring sized at a jeweller, there are alternatives. Just beware of the mistakes that can creep in. Since different temperatures have an effect on your ring size, try to take your ring size at room temperature (and not straight after exercising eg).


  • Home sizing Kit. A very clever and accurate way of measuring your ring size at home is to make use of a home sizing kit. It is like a cable tie (that can open again) with ring size letters written on top. You tighten the ring to where it fits perfectly and read the size off. This kit could be bought for R150 and couriered straight to your home.

  • Ring sizer App: There are various ring sizing apps to help you determine a ring size. Most of the time, you would need an actual ring that already fits though to determine the size. On the ring sizer app, you place your ring on the screen and size the circle on your screen to fit inside the ring - then it will show you what the correct ring size is.  

  • Cardboard ring If you can’t print out the paper, your absolute last resort is to measure your ring size by using a piece of cardboard or thick plastic. Make sure it’s the same width as the actual ring you want to wear. Wrap it around your finger, make sure it fits well. Then take it off, flatten the piece and measure it next to a ruler. Read off the length (circumference) and link it with the attached chart to see what your ring size is.

 A size guideline for rings

In the British System (EU):

For Females           

XXS: E, F  

X Small: G, H, I          

Small: J, K, L               

Medium: M, N, O         

Large: P, Q                  

X Large: R, S, T           



For Males

 XS: M-N

Small: O, P, Q

Medium: R, S, T

Large: U, V, W

X Large: X, Y, Z



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