Our Company Values

Our Vision 

Designing beautiful jewellery that brings our customers unique stories and testimonies to life. 

Our Mission

Miinella Jewellery is a company dedicated to creating luxury. We create custom-made  jewellery where the story of the individual is at the heart of every design. We walk alongside our clients, design with them, and aim to create not only long-lasting pieces, but also long-lasting relationships. We work with a professional team of designers and manufacturers to make your dream jewellery come to life! 

Our Company Culture:

  • A Kingdom Mindset: We believe a business and a Kingdom mindset can function as a unit and not as separate entities. We apply this mindset in the way we structure our company. We do this by declaring God's specific plan over each week, loving our clients and sharing testimonies.
  • Excellence: We are committed to providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service.
  • Integrity & Honour: Transparency and honesty are at our core. Honour and respect is at the forefront of how we treat each other and ourselves. We at Miinella have a no blame policy, when things go wrong, we take ownership.  We are a team and do not point fingers to our colleagues.
  • Celebration & Testimonies A big part of who we are as a company revolves around celebrating ourselves, each other and the testimonies of what God has done for us. We love celebrating the testimonies of our clients, coworkers and suppliers. We do our best to commemorate significant life-events, such as  birthdays and anniversaries. 
  • Play & Creativity: We truly believe that the best ideas emerge from creative outlets.  Not only do we promote such outlets, but we set aside time for them. We believe that often the most creative ideas spring forth when playing.
  • Curious & Teachable: We are always learning new skills, such as: creative problem-solving, teamwork, solution-oriented thinking, and we don’t hesitate to ask for help. We aren't afraid to make mistakes.
  • Community over Competition: We believe in customer satisfaction and building a community in which everyone succeeds in life. 
  • Prayer: We truly believe prayer has power. We freely pray for our colleagues and clients. We also have a corporate intercessor called Engela whom prays for our company. 


5-Fold Ministry in Miinella

At Miinella we believe that Biblical structures and principles are not just there for the church, but also for business. This is how we apply the Five-fold Ministry in our business:


The apostle is Miinella’s governor and visionary.


The prophet guides. The prophet is the mouth of Miinella, communicating guidance and creating awareness.


The Job of the evangelist is to convert marketing into sales. The Evangelist reaches out to touch our Miinella community.


The Pastor Guards and looks after the flock (employees).


The Teacher grounds and brings wisdom and understanding.