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Jewellery Care


Between hand sanitiser, soap, and household cleaners, your hands are taking a beating right now. We know you're curious about what is safe for your rings and jewellery, so here is everything you need to know... 
Some sanitisers can react with the copper in rose gold to tarnish. The alcohol erodes the rhodium plating on your white gold jewellery and some sanitizers containing chlorine oxidises (tarnish) your silver jewellery. Yellow g
old doesn't react as badly and platinum doesn't react at all.
Hand sanitiser doesn't damage your diamond ring, but you will notice that it loses its sparkle over time due to residue build-up.


Store your jewellery in an air-tight jewellery box or container.

Avoid direct contact with perfume, body lotions, and chemicals.

Remove jewellery before exercise, especially when using weights, where your jewellery can make contact with other metals.

Occasionally wipe your jewellery with a soft cloth (we have available.) 

Washing your hands is less harmful to your jewellery than using sanitiser.


Leave your rings at home when going to shops that require sanitiser, rather dress up with pendants and earrings.  

Opt for gloves or take your rings off when using household cleaners. Harsh chemicals like bleach and chlorine are very harmful to your fine jewellery and gems. 

When your gemstones start to look dull, wash them in hot water with sunlight liquid and a soft toothbrush. You can use Windowlene for your diamonds. It works wonders to clean them and keep them sparkly.

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