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The Harvest Collection

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When Simone’ designed Andries's signet ring as a wedding band with Jacomien, the head designer and owner of Miinella Jewellery Design, it kind of blew up after their wedding. Not because of them, but because God was doing something new - stirring in the hearts of newlyweds to dream about their own value systems and legacies for their new families. God was all over it. So we decided it was time to create something meaningful for women. We sat together, shared some dreams, visions, and revelations, and, viola, The Harvest Collection was born!

This gorgeous collection of jewellery was inspired by a heart after God's Great Harvest. The intricate detail of each design behind this collection was carefully crafted by drawing inspiration after Simoné Pretorius' (neé Nortmann's) own unique style and flair.

We used the symbolism behind the harvest to create a beautifully designed yet affordable jewellery range that shares a message that will reach into the hearts of our customers. It will awaken within them a call to be partakers of the Lord's end-time harvest of souls where our hearts proclaim along with the Heavenly hosts, "those lost have been found, and the prodigals have come home."
So here is a snippet of some of our jewellery from our newest collection:

Cross Pendant

The story of the King of Heaven, who stepped down to earth, embodied a servant, and through humility and meekness, showed us what strength really looks like.


YHVH Oval Signet Ring

Our YVHV Signet ring was birthed from Romans 8:15. We have not received a spirit of fear or rejection, but because of the goodness and kindness of YHVH, He has poured a spirit of adoption over us and pulled us into family and belonging. 'YHVH' symbolises His signature and stamp of approval on this signet ring where He is affirming once again to you that you are His. It signifies the authority of your Father and King who has chosen you, appointed you, and raised you up as His very own.

Through the wildflower, we are reminded of the restoration that happens as we enter into adoption with our Heavenly Father. It is from that place that our spirit cries out, “Abba Father.”


Small Baroque Pearl Pendant

This beautiful pearl pendant symbolizes the epitome of feminine nature. It is for the woman who through time and pressure made room for her circumstances to carefully graft and refine her into a treasured pearl. She has wisdom acquired through experience, and strength obtained through perseverance. And just like a beautiful Pearl, she is worth more than words can ever describe.


Baroque Pearl Pendant

She is beautiful not despite her flaws, but because of them.

Our Baroque Pearl Pendant captures the uniqueness of women, as not one Baroque Pearl is equal in shape or size but unique in beauty.

Each one has a unique shape and size, showcasing its beautiful individuality.

Even though perfection has always been fundamental when it comes to pearls, interesting enough, imperfections aren’t seen as flaws when it comes to baroque pearls. Rather, just like you and I, they are celebrated for their uniqueness.


Fulfilled Promises Oval Pendant

“Blessed is she who believed the Lord would fulfill His promises to her.” Luke 1:45

As daughters of Sarah, we cling to the promises of the One who is and forever has been faithful. We cling to the expectation of good, instead of evil, of joy instead of sorrow, and hold unswervingly to the hope we profess because the One who promised is faithful to fulfill all He has promised to us.


The Harvest is Ready Oval Pendant

The field is ready. The harvest is ripe. We are invited to partake in the greatest event of all time.

From the four corners of the earth, we are being gathered to witness the greatest harvest of souls we have ever seen. We are partnering with heaven, entering into a season of ingathering where the Lord is enlarging His harvest of righteousness, readying His bride to feast at His table with Him.  


Lady of Liberty Oval Pendant

Our very own version of Lady Liberty pendant signifies the beautiful tension between strength, represented by the sword, and vulnerability, represented by the flowers in her hand. It is a symbol of remembrance that we are to lead by example and that we can be a strong woman as well as a merciful and kind-hearted one. Let it be a constant reminder to us that we are to be women who are fierce in warfare and meek in spirit.


Grit and Grace Ring

The glory of a pearl is that it uses what was meant to infiltrate and cause it pain to break through with resilience and create something new and beautiful.

Just like you, our beautiful freshwater pearls are cultured through time and pressure. Through grit and grace, it transforms into something strong and beautiful. A pearl is impregnable towards outside threats and has the strength within itself to withstand any obstacle thrown towards it. It is not only a force to be reckoned with but beautifully encapsulates both grace and strength at the same time.


Barley Earrings and Ring

The Brass Barley Earrings is for the risk-taking, non-fearing, audacious women who aren’t afraid to take up space in our society. They aren’t afraid to be known, yet the delicate detail of this bold ring showcases their ability to be extravagant yet biddable. They know what they bring to the table, and they walk in the confidence of royalty.


Sickle Earrings in Gold

With our hands in the harvest, we walk sickle in hand in confidence over the provision of the Lord. He has given us what we need to be able to sow, water, and reap a harvest of promises in the seasons that He has laid out for our lives. It’s a symbol of Jehovah Jireh - providing us with the tools we need to walk in the fullness of His Harvest and to receive the ingathering He has prepared for us.


Classic Pearl Studs

These beautiful pearl studs symbolise the epitome of feminine nature. It is for the woman who through time and pressure made room for her circumstances to carefully graft and refine her into a treasured pearl. She has wisdom acquired through experience, and strength obtained through perseverance. And just like a beautiful and timeless pearl, she is worth more than words can ever describe.


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