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Jewellery Production Manager


Miinella is a flourishing Customised Luxury Jewellery Company that is looking for a Production Manager/ Jewellery Designer in Durban. 

  • Working Hours: 8 am-5 pm, Monday to Friday 
  • Location: Glenwood, Durban 
  • 3 Month Trial period


    If you have a strong passion for people, design, and creating beautiful jewellery then you might be exactly who we’re looking for. We are a luxury jewellery company specialises in online design and manufacturing. We love our clients and creating beautiful pieces of exceptional quality. If this sounds like the place for you we’d love to hear from you. The ideal candidate possesses a combination of creative and administrative skills, able to thrive in a dynamic setting. 



    Respond to clients on email, phone and whatsapp in a friendly, yet professional manner. Managing customer interactions and deadlines, 
    Do online and in-person Jewellery Consultations with clients
    Jewellery Design
    Design custom jewellery for clients - sketching on paper or on the computer (2D)
    Quoting & Sourcing
    Work out quotes for custom designs and  sourcing gemstones and materials for the respective projects
    Overseeing production and workflow, managing customer interactions and deadlines. Liaise with CAD designers, goldsmith, manufacturers and suppliers. 
    Basic jewellery bench work
    Basic jewellery bench work eg. polishing, drilling and cutting metal 
    *Bonus: Photography/
    Videos skills of jewellery
    Takes photos and creative photos of jewellery


    • Valid driver’s license
    • Fluent in English and Afrikaans (we have many Afrikaans clients)
    • A good understanding of jewellery making (BA or Btech in Jewellery Design)
    • Jewellery Drawing and Design skills (drawing on paper and on computer (2D), but no 3D CAD design necessary)
    • Experience in the jewellery industry would be advantageous
    • *Photography skills will be a bonus
    SALARY: Salary is market related based on experience.



    Here’s who the position is not for: 
    • Someone who wishes to work from home.
    • A person who struggles with administering the smaller details.
    • Those looking for a "side job" while growing their own business.
    • Someone that is not computer literate. 
    The position, on the other hand, is someone who is:
    • A creative person that enjoys designing jewellery for custom clients
    • Is well-organised and gives great attention to detail
    • Has excellent administrative abilities and can stick to deadlines to ensure production stays on schedule
    • Is technologically savvy, and proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel. 
    • Good linguistic abilities for typing and writing emails (English and Afrikaans).
    • Sharp, adaptable, versatile and capable of taking charge.
    • Trustworthy, consistent and willing to work independently.
    • Takes ownership and pride in their work.
    • Adapts really well to on-the-go modifications.
    • Can handle both direct and constructive criticism.
    • Can juggle a large number of moving pieces while remaining calm and collected.

    • To be part of the beautiful process of designing people’s stories and celebrating significant life-events through the jewellery we design. In a nutshell, it’s a happy and fulfilling job.
    • You’ll be working with colleagues who have strong values and virtuous principles. 
    • You’ll be working in a testimony and declaration-filled environment.
    • You will be working with beautiful jewellery in a peaceful environment in Glenwood.
    • You are not expected to work overtime.
    • You'll also get a "behind the scenes" glimpse of how we built our company from scratch and have the opportunity to help grow and expand this brand even further.
    • Miinella genuinely functions as a family. This is not a corporate environment. 
    • You'll be working in a creative setting where you'll have plenty of opportunities to develop as a person.
    • We make a conscious and intentional effort to cultivate a supportive community, not just at work, but in general.
    • With your unique personality, there is always room for personal growth in this business.

    Do you want to know a little more about us?
    What We Do: 
    Miinella Jewellery is a company dedicated to creating luxury, custom-made jewellery where the story of the individual is at the heart of every design. We walk alongside our clients, design with them, and aim to create not only long-lasting pieces, but also long-lasting relationships with beautiful stories. We work with a professional team of designers and manufacturers to make dream jewellery come to life! 
    Our Vision 
    Designing beautiful jewellery that make our customers’ unique stories and testimonies come to life. 
    Our Company Culture
    • Excellence: We are committed to providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service to ensure we serve our customers well.
    • Integrity & Honour: To grow, we show up in the best possible way with transparency and honesty. We treat each other with honour and respect.
    • Celebration is a big part of who we are as a company. We love celebrating people, especially our clients and co-workers, as well as birthdays and significant life-events.
    • Creative & Fun: We really believe that the best ideas emerge from playing around, so we not only promote it, but also set out time for it.
    • Teachable & adaptable: We are always learning new skills such as creative problem-solving, teamwork, solution-oriented thinking, and we don’t hesitate to ask for help. We aren't afraid to make mistakes.
    • Community over Competition: We believe in customer satisfaction and building a community in which everyone can  succeed in life. We also love to collaborate with other creatives.