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Miinella is a growing Customised Luxury Jewellery Business. 

We are looking for a Personal Assistant in Durban

Full time position (8am-5pm), on site in Glenwood

3 Month Trial period


If you've got passion and a desire to have a job that leverages your unique talents and skills, you might be just the person we're looking for. We are a luxury jewellery company which predominantly operates online. We've got a ton of exciting new projects in the works this year… so many that we need a hand to get them all done. 

A few questions... 

  • Are you a Type A (organized and on top of things) and proud of it? 

  • Do you love watching from the back of the stage, knowing that the show was able to go on because of all your behind-the-scenes work?


Thinking this job is tailor-made for you? Read on to learn more. We need someone who:

Effectively work with our founder and stays on the same page. You will also be working closely with other key members of the team. Realizes the unique contributions and ideas that the Visionary has, and possesses an ability to filter and translate those ideas into functional plans for the company.




Respond to emails from clients and colleagues

Fulfilling Orders

Package jewellery for online orders. Overseeing all orders coming in and going out


File slips, invoices & courier slips

Stock Take

Monthly stock take and reporting.

Make coffee/tea

When clients come in for consultations


Books courier and print slips


Daily collection and drop offs when necessary 


*Driver’s license would be a great help, but not a requirement.



Here’s who the position is not for: 

  • Someone that wants to work from home 

  • A person that is a big-picture visionary that struggles with details

  • Those looking for a "side job" while growing their own business

  • Someone that is not computer literate

  • Those who prefer to be front-facing in the business.


However, the position is for a person who:

  • Has great administrative skills

  • is very organized and detail-orientated

  • Is technologically savvy, comfortable with Microsoft Word and Excel

  • Good language skills for typing and writing email (English, Afrikaans would be a bonus).

  • Sharp, flexible, versatile and takes initiative

  • Trustworthy, Consistent and willing to work independently

  • Takes ownership and pride in their work

  • Loves learning new things and can implement new ideas quickly

  • Adapts really well to changes on-the-go

  • Can handle direct and constructive feedback

  • Can juggle lots of moving pieces while staying calm and collected


  • To be part of the beautiful process of designing people’s stories and celebrating monumental moments in their lives. In short, it’s a happy job.

  • You will be working in a testimony and declaration filled environment with colleagues that have strong values and virtuous principles. 

  • You will be working with beautiful jewellery every day. It is a peaceful environment in Glenwood.

  • You are not expected to work overtime

  • You'll also see "behind the scenes" of how we grew our business from scratch and have the opportunity to help us grow further.



If you’d like to be considered for this role, please do these two things


  1. Do the 16 personalities online test for free online:
  2. Send your personality test results and your CV to



What to learn a little bit more about us? Keep reading!


What We Do

Miinella Jewellery is a company devoted to designing luxury, customised jewellery where the story of the individual is at the heart of every design. We walk alongside our clients, design with them, and aim to create not only lasting pieces but also lasting relationships and beautiful stories. We work with a professional team of designers and manufacturers to make your dream jewellery come to life!


Our Vision 

Design beautiful stories and testimonies through jewellery.


Our Company Culture

  • Excellence: We are devoted to delivering quality products and great customer service to make sure we serve our customers well.
  • Celebration is a big part of who we are as a company. We love to celebrate people, our clients and colleagues.
  • Integrity & Honour: We show up in the best possible way with transparency and honesty to grow. We honour each other in the best way we can.
  • Creative & Fun: We truly believe that the most creative ideas come when you play, so we not only encourage it, but allocate time to play.
  • Teachable & adaptable: We constantly learn creative problem-solving, teamwork, being solutions oriented and asking for help. We are not scared of making mistakes.
  • Community over Competition: We believe in customer happiness and creating a community where everyone can be successful.