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As a company we strive to be conscious and sustainable towards the planet and all its people. Below is a brief view of our four CSR elements and their accompanying practices. If you are unsure or would like to find out more about our practices, don’t hesitate to reach out.           


We pride ourselves in this area as from the very beginning, the nature of God has been our core and so there was never a compromise on following laws and ensuring a safe workplace for all employees.

Government laws:
  • We are registered with SADPMR (South African Precious Metal Regulator) where we track every gram of precious metal we buy and sell.
  • We send in our financial statements to SARS annually. We pay Tax, PAYE & UIF for every employee.
  • Transparency in our design process and costs


  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Fun Friday work culture

Supportive Environment:

  • Once a month talk with the Founder about a positive and a negative to give space to celebrate growth and have a safe space to talk about any work related issues employees might have.
  • We encourage employees to stay healthy physically and mentally, whether that includes going to a dentist or doctor's appointment during the day (without having to request special leave) or encouraging each other in healthy lifestyle and wellbeing practices.
  • We have an external person consulting for our business - A corporate intercessor praying for whatever our needs are and a safe person for each employee to reach out to.


  • Recycling precious metals
  • Recyclable packaging materials


  • Ethically sources gemstones and diamonds
  • We produce locally


Supporting Local:

  • We outsource locally – manufacturers and goldsmiths
  • Use Local Couriers which have their own initiatives in reducing their carbon footprint

Giving Back:

  • Our founders give talks to our community. i.e Youth Talk about Finances in 2022
  • We help smaller business by using their services and promote them.


  • Giving experience and guidance through internship programs and job shadowing programs.
  • We celebrate our clients and their stories every Monday through our social media platforms



  • With current issues we use our social media platforms to inform and encourage our clients to take action where possible. E.g: During the Durban Looting, we informed our clients on areas where people could help physically or financially those who were affected.
  • We inform our clients if there are any local issues that will affect their orders and delivery.